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Whole lotta Holga
January 12, 2008, 8:05 pm
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The Holga camera is a Chinese copy of a dubious Soviet-era camera.  Using 120 roll-film, it’s beauty is in its flaws, of which there are many (so that makes it very beautiful).

Made entirely of 100% A-Grade Chinese plastic, the Holga takes truly unique photos thanks to the fact that it leaks light and boasts incredibly average optics – not to mention the stunning lack of controls.  By taking this anti-perfectionist approach, the Holga encourages creativity through simplicity, results are tinged with a certain randomness – and a dose of luck. As a result, the Holga (and it’s sister the Lomo) has achieved something of a cult status.

Search these two cameras on Flickr and all sorts of amazing images appear – from the curious to the bland, but each with the signature look of a one-off, something never to be repeated.  That makes these cameras quite special.

You can buy one from a dedicated shop like the Lomography Centre in Sydney for around $145 (considering there’s about $5 in parts – that makes it an expensive toy), so the wiser will let their fingers do the walking and click their way to the many sellers on eBay – here you will find new cameras fresh from the injection moulder and ready to ship from Hong Kong for about $50 delivered (for the “luxury” flash model).

Any 120 roll film can be loaded, but try Ilford’s XP2 400.  This Black and White film is unusual in that it’s processed in C41 chemicals, which are normally the domain of colour processing.

You’ll have lots of happy accidents with your Holga, from double-exposures to blurry images, suddenly you’re making some very distinctive art.

Wikipedia has a good page on all things Holga if you want to know more.


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