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Care for a splash of Red?
March 25, 2008, 8:57 pm
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This photo was produced “in-camera” meaning that the only help from Photoshop was to crop the image and apply a little sharpening. So how did I get the splash effect, well it’s a secret 🙂 OK, not so secret. The wine glass was filled with colored water as real wine would have been too dark. The glass was taped to a piece of foamcore and the foamcore board was rested on some wheels so that it could roll to the right. I focused, killed the lights and rolled the foamcore into a stack of books. The dead-stop caused the liquid to spill – and the noise activated a sound trigger which fired a flash pointing at the wall behind the glass. Then I closed the shutter, turned on the lights and checked my work.


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Gives new meaning to shooting blind… I’m hoping it wasn’t an accident that made you use technology to do all the work for you. You didnt even have to touch the camera? Sound activated? sheesh

Comment by Paul

Thanks for explaining your secret, I couldn’t figure out how you did it. Where you able to do it in one take?

Tell us about the sound trigger?

Great image btw.

Comment by darrell

I took maybe 40 photos to get two or three that I liked. The problem then became that the platform got too wet. The sound trigger is from http://hiviz.com/index.html

Comment by zeofoto

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