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Sigh… A word of warning if you’re thinking of setting up an account with Blu Domain. http://www.bludomain.com/

While their templates and web hosting work fine, the back end support really lets them down…

For a couple of months I have been trying to arrange a Domain Name Transfer – a simple process.  They have had me pay two minor invoices to action this, but still I wait.  The customer rep has been patient and helpful, but even now she has gone silent – perhaps embarrassed by her tech people.

Enough already. Time to rant. My opinion, now tarnished, is to avoid these people.

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UPDATE – March 2nd 2010 (Note: Most comments down the page were posted prior to this paragraph – just so you understand the sequence here)

One of the things I love about this little blog is that this page is consistently amongst the most visited of mine. It’s kinda satisfying, especially after getting not one but two copies of this BluDomain invoice today – way, way after I extracted myself from their incompetence. Or so I thought.

So here’s the thing. If you’re an employer, and a potential employee presents their resume featuring prior time at BluDomain, my advice is, “Avoid.” If you work there, well maybe you want to make friends with the unemployment center staff as this nonsense can’t make BluDomain any fun to work for. If you’re sussing them out as a potential client – just send me the money instead. At least I’ll be more fun to deal with.

I thought I was fairly polite in my posting a year ago, and even now I am holding back – but I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions about this seriously hopeless company. Urgh…

UPDATE – April 27th 2010 (Note: read the “Comments” to see how others have struggled with the wankers at BlueDomain)

This gets crazier – another two invoices from Marlene at BluDomain arrived today.  I have lodged a complaint with PayPal, although to be fair it’s not PayPal’s fault – but they’ve likely had other complaints about BluDomain so they can add mine to the list.

UPDATE – January 31st 2011 (As above, do recommend you read the comments for much hilarity)

OK so another BluDomain invoice from PayPal today (and one about a month ago too).  See the comments section, feel the pain, avoid any dealings with this business.  Today I lodged a complaint with PayPal.  None of this is their fault, but maybe they can investigate..

UPDATE – January 2012 yet another “renewal” invoice. Those dumb fucks at Blue Domain don’t deserve to be in business. I so hope people google them and find this post, in fact I’ll add some more tags to make it easier for people to find this sorry story

UPDATE – December 2012 – hey it’s that time of year again. Another request for Payment from Blue Domain.  Once again I write to say “Kind people, please move along” and once again I write to PayPal saying they have a fraudulent client in Blue Domain, but will they act? I doubt it…



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What were the invoices for? I’m having small issues as well…nothing more than slow service and/or ignored emails. Why would you need to pay two more invoices?

Comment by Catherine Rainwater

Well I initiated a Domain name transfer from my new hosts – normally a simple process. BluDomain then told me I need to pay $10 for this (promptly paid). After weeks of waiting and more chase up from me, I was told the URL has expired and I needed to pay another $10 (promptly paid). Now, some months later, nothing has happened. The Domain name transfer has lapsed and when I try to intitiave a new one, it says my URL can’t be transferred. Marlene at BluDomain has been great – she is quite embarrassed by this and has tried to assist – but someone there is a complete drop-kick. They’ve lost a client in me, I’ve lost a URL and had to start again elsewhere with a whole new brand (at additional cost – albeit small for a new URL), but worst of all for them – I’m now blogging about how bad they are and people like you are reading it. I’m not vindictive and would not have written this had it been sorted and transferred as requested. But enough’s enough, it’s time to warn others as there are plenty of other choices out there.

Comment by zeofoto

oh my god I am trying to get my domain name transferred from them now. They didn’t respond to my first request a few days ago. I just sent a second request.

Comment by Lisa

Good luck! Be interesting to see if you have a better experience. As of today, I never heard back. Jerks.

Comment by zeofoto

(UPDATE) So here it is, January 2011 – and those fuck-knuckles at BluDomain just sent me another invoice for an other years subscription. WTF ?!?! You can quit Bludomain, but they never stop harassing you. if you’re reading this and thinking about their services – do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

Comment by zeofoto

I’ve been trying to get their $400 template for $100 from their WPPI special from back in February. I contacted them before the special deadline and it’s now June and nothing. All communication on their end has ceased. It’s so frustrating! It looks like a great product for a great price, but I don’t think their with that type of customer service, it’s worth spending my money there.

Can you tell me the other web designer/ template companies I should look into?


Comment by Vanessa

I ended up using Fluid Galleries by Evrium – sign up to their newsletter before buying as they offer monthly specials which can halve the price (or be free if you win one of their photo contests) I am really pleased with this choice and their support has been first-class. http://www.evrium.com/store/

Comment by zeofoto

UPDATE (June 2007) Check this out – I just got an email from BluDomain requesting payment for another year. Naturally I replied with a suggestion on what they could do with the invoice and that I would enjoy blogging about this (to which she replied “Thanks, blogging really helps build our business – we appreciate it!” – what the?!

>Note:Thank you for being such a wonderful client * Your hosting fee is due now, we appreciate your prompt attention to this invoice.

Thank you

Comment by zeofoto

UPDATE 2 (June 2007) This gets funnier. Despite telling them twice I do not intend to renew m sub, today I received not one, but two invoices for renewal again. Sigh… I think I’ll send them a link to this page so that they can see where I stand.

Comment by zeofoto

hehe, I replied again saying “No thanks” (to the US $100 invoice for hosting renewal) and got the reply;

>Sorry confused. Do you no longer host with BLU? If so I would be happy to terminate your account off the server?

I can see tumbleweeds blowing in the wind at Blu Domain as I’ve already twice requested a termination after the useless service outlined in my original post. Now a third request has gone to them. I’m half expecting another invoice.

Get the picture? BluDomain sucks. Spend your money elsewhere.

Comment by zeofoto

Well, blu domain has been a monopoly in it’s area for pretty long but it’s not the only company offering flash websites with the admin area for photographers now. I found another company http://www.readyphotosite.com They are new on the market but the customer service is nice. The website is owned and operated by 2 ladies and I got a truly personal approach. Probably they don’t make 400 websites a month but I’ve got the feeling of some small bakery, where everyone is smiling and the pastries are sweet 🙂

Comment by Melissa

Oh well I was just trying to kick off the same process


Comment by Tim Driver

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