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Location Lighting with Drew Gardner
January 2, 2010, 12:03 pm
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UK photographer Drew Gardner has an interesting “behind the scenes” DVD that is sure to appeal to many photographers.

The DVD comprises two shoots, and takes you through;

  1. Drew’s thought process (he emphasizes the importance of pre-scouting a location with great care, his preference for softbox’s and gridded lights outdoors, setting things up one light at a time, and so on)
  2. His work-flow on the day
  3. An overview of his processing  back at the studio

While there are no “OMG” moments here, and the advice is practical perhaps even obvious at times – this is a very worthwhile DVD.  A key message in this is how Drew “worries” his vision into reality –  and the results speak for themselves.  There are not many who can post creative images quite like these.

There is an emphasis on getting things right in-camera, although of course the computer has a significant role to play post-shoot. While Drew uses professional camera and lighting equipment, there is a suggestion that an advanced amateur could use some of these ideas for creative simulation around their own photographic efforts.

When you think about marshaling a water buffalo or a badger on site, you can appreciate that there’s a level of complexity on top of the model, location, and lighting considerations.  Drew somehow makes it look manageable – testament to his experience and can-do attitude.

Highly recommended.

Drew’s page on the DVD


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