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Don’t want to sound like a fanboy, but…
February 27, 2010, 9:09 pm
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Been using Macs for 5-plus years, still have to use a PC for some apps at work – so I am still current on a PC – but today was a kind of shock to me.

I helped a friend set up a new Toshiba Net-book, and the whole experience felt like one of those kids games where you hit the gremlin each time he appears out of his hole. There were pop-up windows for something called the Toshiba Message Board, warning messages for all kinds of crap, and a desktop littered with icons and “Recommended” shortcuts and URL’s. Naturally a Net-book has a small screen, but much of the available browser space was given to oversize icons, multiple tool bars and the likes. I spent a while trashing this mess finally getting clarity from chaos. Surprise Windows messages, tips and hints continued to annoy me – but one by one I think I nuked them all.

I know that stuff is well intended, but it really underlined for me the simplicity and beauty of the Apple experience. It was Leonardo da Vinci who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Making something simple is hard work and takes a lot of testing – but it’s something Apple clearly frets about, whereas the Windows family seems to get close – but never quite there, and never with any sense of sophistication. The result for me today was chaos and frustration.

The good thing is, my work is done and I got to hand the Net-book back. Happily.


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