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Remember The Milk
March 13, 2010, 11:01 am
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Kudos to the little company that could. Remember The Milk is a truly impressive way to manage your tasks.

Having tried many “Getting-Things-Done” (GTD) applications, RTM was something of a revelation – it works so well that I use it several times a day.  In fact “use” is the wrong word, I totally rely on it.

Less is more. Simple is best. What I really like about RTM is;

1.  I can access it via any web browser on any computer.

2. It syncs to the matching iPhone app over the air (and vice versa of course)

3. Recurring tasks are easy to set up – and you can use almost any wording you like. For example, “repeat every third Tuesday”, “repeat every 4th day” and so on.

4. Tagging allows you to triage your tasks by topic (e.g. shopping, Christmas, holiday plans), day, event, location  – whatever you want really.

5. The RTM plug-in for iGoogle is fantastic – I use this as my primary access gateway to RTM

6. The one-click “Postpone” feature rolls the task over a day – this is incredibly handy

7. Yes there are priority’s, due dates etc – all the usual stuff.

8. RTM is free, but the iPhone app is an annual sub (and well worth it too)

9. You can get email reminders, work offline, interface to Google calendar, share tasks and more.  Despite the simplicity, there is enough for power users too.

10. It works well with GTD principles. For example I have a tag called “someday” and I add this to undated tasks. Later I can see all my “someday” tasks grouped together – moving some to active dates as required.

Remember the Milk say that their app is “The best way to manage your tasks.” No argument from me.  Two thumbs up.

Visit them here. Even if you only find RTM half as useful as I do,  you’ll still be well impressed.


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