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Tweeter fingers (or “think carefully before committing to B&W”)
December 24, 2011, 11:32 am
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B&W’s Diamond tweeter range of speakers are amazing, likewise the new PM1 – pictured above (which was really, really impressive when I auditioned it). I was heading down the B&W way for an overdue speaker upgrade, and was really pleased with what I had learnt and heard about this brand – and the in-store audition was fantastic. But then a final question about the nautilus style tweeter on the top – “I understand the grill cap on the tweeter is held on by small magnets, so it’s readily removed – but can you fix it in place if you wish?”

The salesman rolled his eyes. Long story short, no you can’t, and he confirmed the tweeter is a “kid magnet” with the ones in-store frequently being grabbed by children coming in with their parents. They are readily damaged and as a result, after a recent product refresh, the store contacted B&W to order replacement tweeters to repair their demo stock – but there was a three month delay as stores all over the world were doing the same.

Sadly, this is a knock-out for me. Your circumstances may vary of course, but its something to consider for sure. A shame the grill can’t somehow be locked on as an option, as these speakers are great value, the technology is impressive, and they sound absolutely beautiful.


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